Fellow Member,

Irrigation System

The R & A  Golf Course 2030 roadmap addresses ‘challenges from, and taking opportunities presented by, the changing climate, resource constraints and regulation to secure optimal golf course condition and playability for current and future generations.’

Quite apart from the direct impacts of climate change, it is likely that the source of water used by golf courses will come under scrutiny with costs likely to increase considerably. The combination of hotter summers and less water being available means that only those courses with sustainable sources of water for irrigation can be sure to retain a reasonable cover of grass.

To this end we have approved the construction of a borehole near the Greenkeepers Shed based on a trial bore that confirmed clear and usable water available in acceptable quantities.

However, as the only course of any standing without an effective irrigation system, we believe that this also must be an essential element of our Course Development Plan.

Having put this project out to tender it is clear that no work on this project could start this winter. Once the tenders have been considered by the Committee, we would seek to engage with the membership and address any questions about this or the bore-hole at that point.

The Committee will then be exploring various options to finance this system which should last for 50 years, if properly maintained. However, it is likely that the Members will have to be asked to contribute to the funding of the project to some extent given the scale of the estimated spend.

Mid-Season Clothing Offer

As a further incentive to Members to take up the opportunity to buy some top-quality clothing, we are maintaining the increased discount from the normal 10% to 33% for an extended period through until the end of September  We still have ranges from Kjus, Ted Baker, Peter Millar, G Fore and Glenbrae, so there should be something to fit everyone’s taste.  Please take the chance to browse the selection available and take advantage of this offer.

In addition to the Clothing, we stock a range of golf accessories including Balls, Umbrellas, Hats, Towels, Hip Flasks, Tees, Pitchmark Repairers and Ball Markers on which the normal Members’ discount of 10% will continue to be available.

Driving at the First

I have received another reported instance of Members driving off at the first when other Members are on the 18th fairway.

To be clear, it is the responsibility of the golfers on the first tee to ensure that they are not driving off when golfers are in sight on the 18th. That is why the sign was erected.

Please be observant of the safety of your fellow Members.

Allan Blackley


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