Dress Code

Pollok aims to operate a forward-thinking dress code that is in keeping with golfing traditions.

It is in all our interests to maintain reasonable standards and a clean and smart appearance is expected at
all times on club premises.

Members, guests and visitors are asked to recognise the following guidance which is our required
minimum standard and to ensure they comply with the detail and the spirit of it.

Course and Practice Areas 

  • Clean, smart golf attire should be worn, whether playing or not.
  • Recognised golf shirts with collars, polo, turtle or round necks may be worn.
  • Ladies shirts that are designed to be untucked may be worn as such, but all other shirts must be
    tucked into trousers / shorts / skirts.
  • Tailored shorts may be worn above the knee with socks of any length.
  • Recognised golf hats may be worn. Hats with peaks must be worn with the peak at the front.
  • Golf shoes may have spikes or rubber soles.
  • The following items are not permitted:
    • Denim, camouflage or any sportswear material.
    • Cargo-style trousers or shorts with external pockets.
    • Sandals or flip flops.


  • The dress code in the clubhouse is the same as for the course and practice areas, except as follows;
  • Clean and smart casual footwear may be worn.
  • Hats, waterproofs or wet clothing should not be worn in the Reid Bar or Jamieson Lounge.
  • In the Andrew Jamieson Lounge:-
    • Golf shoes are not permitted.
    • Golfers are welcome to wear golf clothing before their game but should change out of their
      playing clothes after play if using this part of the clubhouse.


  • Golfers may arrive and depart dressed for golf, but any clothing or shoe changes must be made in the
    changing rooms.
  • Users of either lounge are asked to place any unworn jackets or sweaters and all bags (except ladies’
    handbags) either in the changing room or in the designated storage areas.

Mobile Devices

  • Everyone is welcome to access the clubhouse’s WiFi from any device – password is “pollok2009!”
  • Golfers are encouraged to take their mobile onto the course for use in emergencies.
  • All devices should please be kept on silent mode on the course and in the clubhouse.
  • Mobile calls can be made or received anywhere in the clubhouse except the Lounge or Bar.

Caddiemasters and Managing Secretary are responsible for overseeing adherence to our code and in the
unlikely event that it should be necessary, have the authority to enforce it.

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