Message from the Captain

General Manager

Your committee is progressing rapidly with the recruitment of a new General Manager for our Club. We are fortunate that one of our Members has many years’ experience of recruiting for top jobs in Scotland. He has given us excellent advice and will handle all replies to shortlist stage whereupon the Committee will decide on the best candidate.

I have attached the advertisement for the role which went live on several websites on Friday (click button below). This is firstly to keep you informed but secondly, it may be that you are aware of someone who could be a candidate with the appropriate skills, in which case simply send on the advertisement to them and they can follow the reply instructions.


You may not be aware that Kirsty has been off work and will be for at least a further 4 weeks. In the meantime, we have employed Robyn McAvoy, a young graduate, as temporary cover. Please bear this in mind if you have any queries.

We all wish Kirsty a speedy recovery.


As you will know, there is unlikely to be any change to the current restrictions until 17th July. In the meantime, can I ask you to observe the current protocols by wearing masks in the Clubhouse and restricting seating to three at a table.

Thank you.

Allan Blackley,


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