Captain’s & Vice-Captain’s Prizes

Saturday 24 July 2021

It is a tradition at Pollok that in return for donating very expensive prizes, the Captain and VC decide on the format of the Competition and recently there has been a move to the ever popular Texas Scramble.

This year will follow this trend except that they have taken leave of their senses and dictated that it will be a 5-  club Texas Scramble.  High value prizes will be on offer to the 3 leading 3 player teams and in addition a special prize to Nearest the Pin on hole 12.

The Competition will run from 07.30 to 17.00 and booking will open at 17.00 – that is 5pm – this Saturday 10 July. Members may book for the team. The ToC will follow later this week.


The results from Saturday’s Five -Club Texas Scramble ranged from c.58 to c.67 and at the winner’s end the 3 prize-winners were separated by less than 0.25 of a shot !

The results are shown via the link below and prize-winners are asked to liaise with the caddiemasters to ensure a proper fit for the clothing.

1. Captain’s Prize
Martin Bradburn
Andy Claase
Robert Jamieson 58.02

2. Vice – Captain’s Prize
Douglas Bryce
Ronnie Sommerville
Douglas Stang 58.06

3. Sachin Jauhar
Dougie McNeil
Jack McNeil 58.24

Congratulations to Jim McNally for winning the elegant decanter and glasses for Nearest the Pin

Match & Handicap

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