Guidance for Members using the Calendar

1. When you access the new fixture diary on the website, it should load as the current month

  • To move to the next or previous month, click relevant arrow beside “today”
  • To view a particular event, click on it and a pop-up with details will appear.
  • To view events of a particular category eg “Seniors”, select the back double arrow.
  • and then choose “All” as in image below to clear all categories, then select eg “Seniors”

2. On right hand side, select “agenda” or “list” to view the list format
3. To print either option, click on the “hamburger” beside “agenda”

  • Select Print and choose options. For “month”, best to select landscape orientation and for
    “agenda” or “list” use portrait orientation.

4. Refresh diary. To ensure the diary is current, always refresh the page.

To maintain the app for mobile devices

  • Download the Teamup App from either the “App Store” (ios) or “Play Store” (android)
    (You don’t need an account so skip that stage).
  • When requested, the URL is:
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